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A Dickson Consultancy

Whether your business needs an IT Network Infrastructure built from the ground up, an audit of an existing network or is undergoing growth that requires support from the IT Network infrastructure side, we can help you to implement the latest technology to meet your business needs.

We offer a complete range of IT Consultancy, Project Delivery and IT Network Support Services, giving you the option to request a specific skill or take a fully end-to-end solution.

We can help you in defining strategy, choosing appropriate technologies, procuring custom configurations and project management and installation.

Once implementation is over, we then provide a complete support service to ensure long-term performance.

We put our customers care and service at the top thus have a long lasting relationship with them all.

We also offer a remote service, if your PC or Server has a broadband internet connection we can solve most software problems without having to make the jurney to your office saving down time and money.


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Athfhinn, Station Road, Carrbridge, Inverness shire, PH23 3AL.